Edge Tech Darrel Ralph design Paragee

Edge Tech Darrel Ralph design Paragee

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Edge Tech Knives
Darrel Ralph design
Paragee Folder
First Production Run
Made 2001
AUS8A Steel Blade
Stone Washed Finish
Titanium Handle Slabs
2 7/8 ths Blade and 7 Overall Length
4 Closed Length
Very sharp original Edge
Tight Lockup No Blade Play
Centered Blade
Knife only

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Edge Tech photo IMG_4220_zpsfxcqiwzu.jpg Edge Tech1 photo IMG_4221_zpshcpavw1p.jpg Edge Tech2 photo IMG_4223_zpsw6ac5xe3.jpg Edge Tech3 photo IMG_4224_zps0a1sa0hy.jpg Edge Tech4 photo IMG_4225_zpsmh2xahyq.jpg Edge Tech5 photo IMG_4227_zps3c4fnik2.jpg


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