Buck Knives USA 397 Omni Hunter Folder

Buck Knives USA 397 Omni Hunter Folder

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Buck Knives USA
397 Omni Hunter
420 High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade
Satin Finish
Rubberized Handle
Leather Lanyard
Belt Carry Sheath
Tight Lock up No Blade Play
Centered Blade
3 3/4 Inch Blade 9 3/8 ths Inches Overall Length
5 3/4 Inches Closed Length
Built Like a Tank
Excellent Condition
Has Been Sharpened
Scratches on Blade

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Buck Knives USA 397 photo IMG_3866_zpsf8beibyk.jpg Buck Knives USA 3971 photo IMG_3867_zpssqu660wg.jpg Buck Knives USA 3972 photo IMG_3868_zps5pivqrz9.jpg Buck Knives USA 3973 photo IMG_3869_zps1qubditk.jpg Buck Knives USA 3974 photo IMG_3870_zpsagl70cip.jpg Buck Knives USA 3975 photo IMG_3871_zpswx64zeny.jpg


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