Gill Hibben Design Alaskan Professional Hunters Association

Gill Hibben Design Alaskan Professional Hunters Association

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Gill Hibben Design
United Cutlery
Alaskan Professional Hunters Association
Model UC1168
Stainless Steel Blade
Satin Finished
Very Sharp Original Edge
Finger Grooved Style Handle
Black / Grey G10
Brass Liners
Original Leather Sheath
.216 Thick and 2 Inches Tall
6 3/4 Inch Blade and 12 1/4 Inches overall length
Excellent++ Condition
Never Used, Carried or Sharpened
Knife & Sheath only
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Hibben Alaskan photo IMG_6325_zps2cu5etv8.jpg Hibben Alaskan photo IMG_6326_zpst992k7vw.jpg Hibben Alaskan photo IMG_6327_zpsnvl05f0o.jpg Hibben Alaskan photo IMG_6334_zpsbxguwjgk.jpg Hibben Alaskan photo IMG_6328_zps3z0bvimt.jpg Hibben Alaskan photo IMG_6329_zpsjduwc5ex.jpg Hibben Alaskan photo IMG_6331_zpssgqqlpav.jpg Hibben Alaskan photo IMG_6332_zpsrwwhrdon.jpg Hibben Alaskan photo IMG_6335_zps3xt3nonu.jpg


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