E3 Knives D2 Deadeye Model Hunter/EDC

E3 Knives D2 Deadeye Model Hunter/EDC

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E3 knives
Erwin Roach Maker / Owner
Custom Handmade
Made 10/16/09
Hunter / EDC
D2 Tool Steel Blade
Beautiful Hand Finished Blade Finish
Very Sharp Original Edge
File Work for Thumb grip
Beautiful Ivory Micarta Handle
Mosaic Pins
Great Hand Tooled Leather sheath by Maker
Perfect EDC size
.147 Thick and 7/8 ths Inches Tall
3 1/4 inch Blade and 7 Inches overall length
Never Used, Carried or Sharpened
Excellent++ Condition
Grab this beauty fast!!!
<:::::::::::::::;;;}===) Thank You (==={;;;:::::::::::::::::>
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E3 D2 Deadeye1 photo IMG_6199_zpswfvuxnjb.jpg E3 D2 Deadeye photo IMG_6197_zps9b9jkxru.jpg E3 D2 Deadeye8 photo IMG_6208_zpsxjffaybz.jpg E3 D2 Deadeye4 photo IMG_6204_zpspe0qrhlw.jpg E3 D2 Deadeye6 photo IMG_6206_zps4clqh1qk.jpg E3 D2 Deadeye5 photo IMG_6205_zpscerniu9r.jpg E3 D2 Deadeye7 photo IMG_6207_zpshfo5rzgv.jpg E3 D2 Deadeye9 photo IMG_6209_zpsg5gxxdj2.jpg E3 D2 Deadeye3 photo IMG_6202_zpsngucol3t.jpg E3 D2 Deadeye2 photo IMG_6201_zps4hhgnj3f.jpg E3 Dam Mamo7 photo IMG_6194_zpsqmadg02r.jpg


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